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Cryosurgery made simple

Simple, painless removal of benign skin lesions

Simply treat benign lesions on the face

Filiform warts, pigmented spots, skin tags including on the eyelid, sun spots, capillary hemangioma, acrochordon

Simply treat benign lesions on the body

Age spots, seborrheic keratosis, actnic keratosis and cheilitis, rosacea, discoid lupus erythematosus, solar lentigo, molluscum contagiosum

Simply treat benign lesions on the feet and hands

Flat warts, vulgar warts and plantar warts

Setting a new standard in cryosurgery

Freezpen combines leading-edge microtechnology and ergonomic design to make precision cryosurgery easier, more precise and more accessible than ever.

Simple procedure, outstanding results

With Freezpen, removing benign skin lesions is simple, fast and highly effective – leaving little to no scarring. The ultra-fine jet of N2O targets only the lesion itself, leaving healthy tissue untouched.

Minimal or no post-treatment care needed.

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Making precision cryotherapy the simple choice

At Clinic6, our mission is to make cryosurgery accessible to all. We are committed to advancing the field of cryosurgery, developing innovative technologies, and fostering partnerships with medical professionals and institutions worldwide, all with the utmost dedication to safety. We believe that every person deserves access to the latest in medical science without compromising their well-being. Our goal is to break down barriers and expand the reach of cryosurgery, providing hope, healing, and a better quality of life for all, while maintaining the highest standards of safety in every aspect of our work.

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Why Freezpen?

Freezpen is the ideal solution for the cryogenic treatment of benign skin lesions – it’s powerful, precise and practical, delivering a great patient experience and a great return on investment.

With no preparation needed, you can treat minor issues right away, gaining time and bringing peace of mind fast.

Simply powerfulFreezpen's high-pressure jet of N2O achieves extremely low temperatures (-27°C) at 3mm depth in just 15 seconds.

Simply practicalWith no special storage requirements, your Freezpen can always be within easy reach. Cartridges are stored at room temperature and can be changed in seconds.

Simply preciseThe ultra-fine jet and choice of applicators give total control. Opt for a micro-applicator for pinpoint accuracy or a larger one for broader coverage.

Freezpen in action

Real-life success stories with Freezpen speak for themselves. Move the slider to see before and after images, or watch the treatment to see Freezpen in action.

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Determine which applicator you need based on the size and depth of the lesion.

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Freezpen 16G

The high-performance, ergonomic cryotherapy pen. Suitable for regular use treating all kinds of benign lesions.

Freezpen 35G

The extra-powerful, robust cryotherapy pen. Suitable for intensive and varied use, including treatment of large and deep lesions.

Freezpen 16G
Freezpen 35G
Good for your business

Advanced ROI calculator

Freezpen is not only the most modern, convenient, and effective cryosurgery device on the market, it’s also a smart choice financially for your practice – you can get a return on investment in just weeks.

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The high-performance, ergonomic cryotherapy pen. Suitable for regular use treating all kinds of benign lesions.

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